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Jul 13, 2011 11:00pm EDT
and big names? >> it's funny you remember the name of the one woman who took her shirt off. >> how about mia ham. i get your point. they are one win from immortal. abby is the new hero. a french fry. plus, not sure if calling the commissioner a crook is going to help solve the lockout and tonight's big joke was dodger blue. 9sports next. >>> it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >>> if you are a woman in your 30s who grew up playing soccer, there's a good chance you idolize mia ham or tiffany. they won a world cup and made soccer cool. now a generation later, abby hopes solo and ali kreiger are going it again. the semifinals against france. it was her head that brought the 1-1 tie. and just three minutes later, alex mohr began down the left wing. right over the goalie's hand, part of a 3-1 u.s. victory today. on to the final for the first time since 1999. >> i knew from the very beginning we were going to find a way to win. not this team's mentality. we do it for our country. g back here at home after 14 years with the team, junior is leaving the wizards. the
Jul 5, 2011 11:00pm EDT
and the responsibility that it's on her. >> i think that's a big failure for the justice system. >> so convicted only of four misdemeanor counts for which she has not yet been sentenced. why is casey anthony still behind bars tonight? why didn't her lawyers ask the judge to let her out until she is sentenced on thursday? some thought it was an oversight, a lawyer's mistake. but tonight gary nurenberg reports the answer may be for her own safety. >> reporter: they did get her for lying. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to law enforcement officers. >> reporter: but she's already been in custody for three years. >> i think the judge will release her on thursday. there is no reason to keep her in any longer. >> reporter: so why didn't her defense team ask that she be released pending sentencing. perhaps for her own safety to let tempers cool. the local sheriff saw the big crowds outside the courthouse. >> please, i ask this community, that regardless of one's personal beliefs about the innocence or guilt of casey marie anthony, that you maintain your peaceful resol
Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm EDT
the u.s. is such a big player. >> a lot's at stake, not only for this economy but for the world. so the president says he wants a deal in the next ten days. hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this sunday night. the good news is they're still talking. congressional leaders met with president barack obama for about an hour and a half tonight. the bad news, no deal that would raise the debt limit. matt joins us live from outside the white house. >> reporter: first, it's believed a deal would have to be reached by july 22nd or the u.s. would have to defacility on its loans for the first time in the u.s. history. for democrats and republicans say they don't want that to happen but tonight the question remains who's willing to compromise? despite the fact that another day has come and gone without a deal to extend the nation's debt limit, president obama says he remains confident that a deal can be done in time to avoid having the u.s. default on its loans. >> we can meet our fiscal challenge. >> reporter: a deal that would raise the country's $14 trillion dollar debt limi
Jul 9, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. the after hours crowd are big, dangerous and hurting business. kentuckyken mowlies design that -- molistina is live. >> reporter: now that the video is circulating, red flags are raising over revelers who are maybe taking that fun a little too far. take a look. it's the video that has many people shaking their heads. these images posted on show a crowd facing off with the police. >> go for it, man. be a soldier, go for it. >> you can hear someone in the crowd encourage the man to continue, taunting the police. he walks around the officer, squares off as to threaten the cop, and then -- [ shouting ] >> reporter: the officer tackles the man while others cheer. >> there was a great deal of disrespect, but it's also a matter just of the numbers. >> reporter: d.c. councilman jim graham lives in and represents the area of morgans and is deeply disturbed by these images. he says the boldness of the crowd is causing an increased security concern and one of two things needs to be done about it. >> i think it's getting worse rather than better and we need a commitment from the po
Jul 17, 2011 11:00pm EDT
that are very dramatic. i think there is still time to get something big done. >> reporter: the white house budget director says president obama still wants to go big by raising the debt ceiling, cutting deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next ten years and increasing taxes on the wealthy. republicans want a constitutional amendment requiring a balancedded budget. >> the cut, cap and balance plan the house will vote on next week is a solid plan for moving forward. >> reporter: senate democrats say that plan will be dead on arrival. >> we don't need an amendment. we basically need to accept the responsibility to do this job and to lead. >> reporter: there are other ideas being floated around in washington but at this point no one knows if a deal will be possible by august 2nd or what it will look like. and that's got regular folks making their own plan. >> i think that it is a good wakeup call for people because we have taken the economy for granted for so long. i think more people will be conscientious in terms of running their households and running their businesses. >> reporter: t
Jul 24, 2011 11:00pm EDT
this thing done, a deal right now, big deal, so he doesn't have to deal with this next year when he's facing re-election. there's no way the republicans want to give him that. they want this as part of the debate during next year's election. what are you hearing in addition? >> reporter bruce, i think this will come down to who is this more important to politically. do republicans need this more next year or does the president need this more next year? does he think he needs it more next year for his presidential hopes? that ultimately, a lot of people believe, is what this is all going to come down to. >> matt, thanks a lot. as the negotiations over the debt ceiling continues, so will our coverage. stick with 9 news now for every development on capitol hill and at the white house. as always, you can go to our website for the very latest. >>> turning elsewhere, a 7- month-old baltimore boy is missing tonight. police believe he may be in this area with his 16-year-old babysitter. authorities say he was being cared in his father's home in baltimore
Jul 10, 2011 1:35am EDT
taking on the trial on the "tonight" show only to have his casey anthony joke bomb, big time. >> i don't get this. casey anthony not guilty, not guilty. this means president obama's team is the second biggest people in america. did the mike go out? >> no, you're good. >> thashton kutcher simply retweeted this gem, o.j. simpson find this verdict outrageous. >> one of my favorites, anybody else hoping casey anthony is stupid enough to sue herself for millions in civil court? all right. as casey continues to be tried in the world of social media, coming up, has the mysterious father of caylee anthony just been identified? >> she gave me a name of eric baker. >> after casey anthony's mom spoke out, what happened to caylee's alleged father? plus -- >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> he came in with a presumption. he couldn't have done this. >> the biggest televised trials, the back story. then vanity fair on the billionaire split. >> the estimate of fees involved are about $20 million. >> a new york housewife versus a j.p. morgan heir. >> in depth on million-dollar celebrity divorces
Jul 24, 2011 1:35am EDT
in large numbers -- police in large numbers are trying to control the streets in adams morgan from big crowds. it's a crackdown launched after business owners and residents demanded that order be restored in the district. ken molestina is live in the streets right now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: bruce, the extra added police presence is certainly being felt out here but now the business owners and those who live along the area are hoping that presence is here for the long haul. ♪ the sounds. and sights along the streets of at ams morgan are getting a much-needed overhaul. recent crime in the area and pressure from community leaders has forced police to step up patrol here. joshua works the door security at the black squirrel and says he's seen the dangers in adams morgan at the hands of people who come here purposely looking for trouble. >> you see everything, you see theft, see people getting beat up. see people get taken advantage of. >> reporter: the start of operation adams morgan on friday night more than doubled the number of police officers patrolling the streets. it's
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)